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Alpina House Celebrating at Sports Day

Alpina boys are known for their house spirit and commitment to each other. Our house has easy access to a basketball court and football pitch, and our balconies offer the best views on campus.

Alpna group photo at sports day

House Facts

Total students:
Year Groups:
Boys, Years 9 - 13
Founding Year:
Upper campus
House MOtto:
'Plus est en vous'
Building Feature:
Stunning views from the house terrace and balconies


Welcome to Alpina

We are committed to maintaining a culture built on the foundations of mutual respect, encouragement and personal growth. Alpina's wonderful house spirit and committed team of teachers and support staff make it the best “home away from home” you could hope for. Whether they are academic, artistic, athletic or any combination of those, students at Alpina have the opportunity to play a valuable role in Aiglon's varied inter-house competitions and in the strong culture of this house.

Alpina Kitchen and Dining Room (Boys)
Alpina Common Room

Meet the House Team

Haroon Shirwani

Haroon Shirwani

Alpina Houseparent
Nick Rumbold

Nick Rumbold

Alpina Assistant Houseparent, CAS Coordinator
Ana Lucia Queiroz Pedro

Ana Lucia Queiroz Pedro

Alpina House Aide

From the Students

It can be hard for the boys when they first arrive — the year 9s are only 13 years old, after all. But as house captain, it's my job to make sure that they feel welcome and that they know this is their house too. I live on the first floor with the younger kids. I'm here to take care of them and to encourage the boys who've been in the house for longer to play their part.

House Captain, Class of 2022

House History

Alpina was introduced as Aiglon’s second boys' boarding house in 1961. The Alpina crest takes pride of place as you enter the house and you immediately feel the sense of spirit and belonging that exists here. The 42+ boys who call Alpina home are known for their tight bond and competitiveness during inter-house events. They live by the motto ‘Plus est en vous’ (More is in you). 

As the former children’s home ‘Institut Alpina’, and possessing its own kitchen, it helped to establish the tradition of in-house dining. Sunday dinners in-house and house BBQs remain core aspects of boarding life here and continue to foster the famed spirit amongst Aiglon’s boarding houses. 

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