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Located in the centre of campus, Clairmont has played a long and varied role in Aiglon's history. Now, this iconic house invites girls from all over the world to call it their home.

House Facts

Total students:
Year Groups:
Girls, Years 9 - 13
Founding Year:
Centre campus
House MOtto:
'United in Pink'
Building Feature
An art-deco floor and several terraces give Clairmont a warm, welcoming atmosphere

Welcome to Clairmont

Clairmont is an exciting house, ready to embrace new opportunities, endeavours and challenges. We encourage all our girls to begin each year with a positive state of mind, to strive for their personal goals and seize all the opportunities on offer.

Our motto, "United in Pink" represents our amazing house spirit.

Clairmont is well known for its infectious energy and enthusiasm and strong sense of community. Kindness is the virtue we value most. Teamwork, respect and support are the keys to our harmony and various successes. 

We love our close-knit atmosphere, bolstered by activities such as Clairmont charity club, the legendary Valentine's dinner, year group outings and the most fun parties!

We hope you can come visit us someday soon, you will be greeted by 50+ girls who will be ready to welcome you into your new home.

Senior Girls Boarding Common Space
Senior Girls Boarding Common Room
Clairmont Terrace with mountain view

Meet the House Team

Mila Lopez Sancho

Mila Lopez Sancho

Clairmont Houseparent, Spanish Teacher, EE Coordinator
Aerin Kolfoort

Aerin Kolfoort

Clairmont, Assistant House Parent
Sophie Teal

Sophie Teal

Clairmont House Assistant, School Shop Assistant

From the Students

No matter who you are or where you're from, there's always someone who'll come back and talk and be your friend. And, often, those friendships are made forever.

CLAIRMONT, Class of 2024

House History

It was thanks to Clairmont in 1955 that Aiglon was able to find and purchase a permanent home — the Hotel Beau Site. Renamed Clairmont, it has, at different times, provided boys' boarding, school dining, classrooms and science labs, the staffroom and the library. It welcomed the first girls to Aiglon in 1968 and has remained a senior girls’ boarding house ever since.

You are still greeted with a sense of old and new as you enter Clairmont. An original Art Deco tiled floor ushers you into an expansive common area, basked in sunshine and providing uninterrupted views of our mountain landscape.

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