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A modern take on a traditional Swiss chalet, Exeter house is perched at the top of the campus, giving spectacular views from its glass-fronted façade over to the Dents du Midi and beyond.

Students on Exeter Terrace

House Facts

Total students:
Year Groups:
Girls, Years 9 - 13
Founding Year:
Upper campus
House MOtto:
"We endeavour to exceed and excel"
Building Feature:
Modern Swiss-chalet exterior with a comfortable, clean interior. Recent construction.


Welcome to Exeter

When you ask an Exeter girl what makes our house different, she's likely to talk about the way the girls support one another and how, despite our many vast differences, we get on together, just like a real family.

Our motto is ‘In Exeter we endeavour to exceed and excel’, and indeed we do. Every student is encouraged to be the best version of themselves and to make the most of the privileged opportunity of having a boarding school education at Aiglon. We recognise that this looks different for everybody, depending on your passions and challenges, and that's what makes it exciting.


Meet the House Team

Victoria Evans

Victoria Evans

Exeter Houseparent, Psychology Teacher
Lara Esler

Lara Esler

Exeter Assistant Houseparent
Melanie Cornish

Melanie Cornish

Exeter House Assistant

From the Students

It's very magical. It's something that you will never experience again in your life. You will never again find 50 girls in a house where you know that every one would be there for each other.Marie
 Class of 2022

House History

Historic Image of Original Exeter House

Exeter is a modern, chalet-style house with spacious living areas spread across two buildings. Home to 50+ senior girls and perched on Exeter Hill overlooking the school grounds, this new girls' boarding house was opened in 2016. The wood and glass construction is loved by the girls who live here, as it stylishly mixes modern sensibilities with traditional alpine warmth.

Exeter was originally founded in 1971 in what is now the Parsons building before construction of this current site. Following the traditional alphabetical sequence of naming boarding houses, Exeter comes from the school Founder’s Oxford College.

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