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Le Trient

Aiglon's most recently established house, Le Trient, is a beautiful chalet-style home near campus boasting magnificent views over the Rhône Valley. It is home to a small group of senior girls.

House Facts

Total students:
Year Groups:
Girls, Years 12 - 13
Founding Year:
Central campus
Building Feature:
Smaller chalet-style house with common space on all floors


Welcome to lE TRIENT

We are a small, intimate house that is called home by just 11 students. This focused atmosphere has helped to shape the house culture since day one. Most students share a room on one of three floors with various common spaces spread throughout each level of the house.

If you ask someone who lives in Le Trient what makes this space particularly special, they would say the comfortable and calm atmosphere created by the welcoming and warming Le Trient family.

Meet the House Team

Jane Kan

Jane Kan

Le Trient Houseparent, Head of Learning Support
Sarah Rommel

Sarah Rommel

Le Trient Assistant Houseparent
Emma Pigott

Emma Pigott

Le Trient House Assistant
Joy Gordon-Szabo

Joy Gordon-Szabo

Le Trient House Aide

From the Students

Everyone just gets along really well with each other. It's more compact, so it's quieter and louder at the same time. 

 Class of 2022

Family portrait at Graduation

House History

Le Trient was established as a small, girls house in 2019. The purpose was to offer another boarding space, but one that focused on a unique approach that offered a smaller house experience. This is quite similar to what was established a few years earlier in St Louis. 

The house is rented by the school, and converted from individual flats to a communal house with dedicated common rooms on each floor. It is centrally located between campus and the main road, offering stunning views and easy access to everyone at Aiglon.

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