The library

The library aims to equip students with lifelong learning skills needed in the 21st century.

Academic success is dependent on the development of the imagination. The library provides a space for individual study, group work or small class teaching for creative thinking and collaboration.

It has an extensive collection of books, digital and audio resources- supporting students with academic databases ‘Jstor’ and ‘Ebsco’ and offering up-to-date current affairs via the world news app ‘PressReader’. Our online resources are a valuable source of up-to-date information to IB students.

The library values the importance of reading and the difference it can make to academic achievement. The Accelerated Reader programme is currently being implemented within the Junior and Senior School. It is a programme desired to monitor students’ progress to develop and achieve higher levels of literacy, reading and learning.

Three dedicated librarians support students with research projects and academic writing - providing tutorials on research methods and Information literacy skills. Their extensive knowledge of current trends and popular children’s publications is an asset in inspiring students to pursue their passion of reading.

The library is an oasis of calm in the busy life of the school, a place to relax and reflect.