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Safeguarding & Wellbeing

Aiglon promotes the mental and physical health and emotional welfare of all its students. Our aim is for wellbeing to be integrated into all aspects of the school’s curriculum so that nurturing and promoting mental and physical vigour plays a fundamental part in shaping the culture of the school community.

Our understanding of physical and mental wellbeing is central to our ethos of holistic learning and balanced development. We recognise that our community is at its best when we understand what it means to sleep well, to be active, to live a balanced lifestyle and to be supportive of each individual's journey toward healthy living. To this end, Aiglon's health and wellbeing programme is designed to support our community. We are proud of our dedicated staff teams and our student leaders who support the school's initiatives for physical and mental wellness.


Wellbeing & Safeguarding Priorities

Our professional wellbeing, health and safeguarding teams have worked alongside our student wellbeing ambassadors to develop a series of school priorities to guide how we shape our school policies and further growth.

Proper Sleep Patterns

Staff at Aiglon ensure that the school works together—across houses and curricular programmes—to understand healthy sleep habits and the implications they have on our wellbeing. We prioritise appropriate sleep to foster an environment where healthy patterns are developed.

Emotional Resilience

We want our students to feel confident in themselves and know that they are valued. We aim to create a supportive community that challenges negative messages that can harm one's emotional well-being and perception of love and acceptance. Our wellbeing program celebrates each student's unique path of self-discovery.

Healthy Eating

Regular, healthy meals are central to physical and mental wellbeing. From our shared meals in the school restaurant to dining in-house to a fun evening out or snacks on campus, we instruct and guide our students in healthy eating habits that will serve them for a lifetime.

Positive Relationships

Living in a boarding school environment provides a special opportunity for developing interpersonal skills. But we pay particular attention to ensure students develop a healthy sense of positive relationships. We don't take this for granted. Our wellbeing team and student ambassadors encourage a network of friendship that not only serves our students in-house and during class, but supports them long after they leave Aiglon.

Regular Exercise

Our Swiss alpine environment, outstanding facilities and extensive programmes are perfectly aligned to promote regular physical activity. Developing lifelong skills and habits takes practice and a conscious understanding of oneself and one's environment. No matter the season or other pressures, we encourage regular exercise as one of the best ways to support long-term healthy living.

Aiglon Ski racing
Self Respect

Each individual Aiglon student is on a journey of self-discovery. What does it mean to respect and care for yourself? What does it mean to live and grow as part of a community? Our wellbeing team recognises that answers to questions like these may not come naturally to everyone. We are prepared to support student growth toward a robust understanding of self-respect that will inform all dimensions of their own wellbeing.


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