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The Eagle

The Eagle at a Glance


June - July

Our programmes run in 1-4 week options throughout the months of June and July.


CHF 3,700

Our programmes are priced based on your length of stay: from one to four weeks!


Ages 13 - 16

The Eagle is designed to welcome students ages 13 - 16, if you are looking for a younger group –check out The Classic programme.


Best Fit

Who will love the Eagle programme? Older students who are looking to challenge themselves and adventure in our mountain environment.

The more you overcome, the more capable you are to set out upon ambitious journeys. The Eagle programme will help you prepare you not just for our mountain expeditions, but help you relish the challenges in the world beyond.

Those attending The Eagle programme are setting off upon journeys of their own, hungry for new horizons and an independence which will help shape them as young adults. Each week of our Summer School is designed to give them expert guidance, while encouraging them to wholeheartedly engage with exciting new experiences - whether that is physically on our mountain during challenging expeditions, or academically in the classroom.

The Eagle is aimed toward teenagers who are hungry to experience more challenging subject matter, to get to grips with ideas that go beyond the fundamental and really delve into fascinating opportunities for discovery. As such, we have developed a range of courses which reflect The Eagle students’ readiness for more complex ideas, featuring a structure that places emphasis upon both individual achievement and the development of greater teamwork skills. Each academic option is led by experienced teachers, who regularly audit their curriculum to ensure students receive the most effective and most relevant educational experience available.

The Eagle Morning Courses

Activities & Expeditions

Afternoons and evenings are dedicated to activities supported by Aiglon’s holistic framework, taking advantage of our awe-inspiring Alpine environment. The activities for the Eagle programme are tailored to enrich the 13 - 16 year old age group, giving them an exciting environment to engage with, as well as make a diverse range of new friends from attendees hailing from more than 30 countries. Each student on the Eagle programme takes part in an overnight hiking expedition to develop outdoor skills, and enjoy time in the mountains.

Students attending The Eagle are embarking upon important journeys of their own - this is a transitional time in their lives, and our programme will help to provide them with experiences that will empower them to confront changes with a sense of confidence and a spirit of discovery.

Summer School Eagle Kayaking
Summer School Archery
Summer School Hiking
Summer School Raft Building
Summer School Mountain Hiking
Summer School Bridge Swing

2024 Programme Details

All fees include CHF 100 per week pocket money, which is given to students by their houseparent.

Non-Residential Programme

For our 2024 season, we have a non-residential programme for students ages 8-16 who wish to experience Aiglon as day students. Staff leaders meet students each morning on campus at 8:30am and guide them toward a day with new opportunities and a full schedule until they are collected at 5:00pm.

The non-residential programme includes the morning course programme, and after lunch students join the afternoon activities. Students taking the non residential programme for 2 weeks or more will also experience an excursion day and the expedition campsite daytime programme.

What's next?

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