SAT Courses

Aiglon College and AlphaPrep (a United States-based tutoring company) are now in their 4th year of running SAT courses based at Aiglon College. New for 2018 is the introduction of ACT tutoring to run alongside the original course so students can take the exam most suited to their ability.

An AlphaPrep tutor will be on site and leading a course tailored to provide an in-depth SAT or ACT preparation for students looking to attend an American university.

Course dates are structured to prepare students for Spring 2018 SAT or ACT exam dates and also any students wishing to develop their aptitude for future SAT or ACT testing.

Course dates and fees for 2018

Easter Holiday Course
Tuesday 3 April - Saturday 7 April 2018
5-day intensive residential course
CHF 3'150

Please note that the fees cover course content and materials, accommodation, catering, additional activities, and student supervision.

For general course details please contact the enterprise department at [email protected] or by telephone +41 24 496 6171.

For information specifically regarding SAT or ACT testing and college counselling, please contact the College and Career Counselling Department at Aiglon College via email at [email protected] or telephone +41 24 496 6153.