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Supporting Aiglon

heritage of generosity

In 1955, Aiglon’s first permanent home – now Clairmont – was purchased with gifts raised from parents and friends of our founder John Corlette. Our rich history has been marked by the philanthropic support of our community.

As a not-for-profit boarding school, we are set apart in our commitment to use the funds we raise solely to further our transformative educational programmes. Being not-for-profit means that the whole school benefits from the generosity of others, and that every decision made by the volunteer and Alumni-led Aiglon College Association and Board is in the best interests of the school and its students. 


1969: First Association

In 1969, the Aiglon Development Association, whose trustees were friends of John Corlette, was established as a not-profit-making fundraising organisation.

1975: ACA Established

The Development Association became in 1975 the ACA (Aiglon College Association). A development committee was formed in 1978 to draw up plans for various improvements in campus facilities, and to organise a campaign to raise the necessary funds. This also lead to improved relationships with Aiglon alumni. 

1991: First Scholarship Student

During the early 1990s was the time when a consistent programme of support for scholarships was developed and Aiglon's first scholar arrived in 1991.

2012: Tony Jashanmal Sports Centre

In 2012, the Tony Jashanmal Sports Centre was inaugurated. It was also made possible by the generosity of many Aiglon families past and present, and campus improvements continue to be accelerated through philanthropic donations.

Looking Ahead

Since 2010 Aiglon has increased the provision of the scholarship programme to now supporting between 13 to 17 scholars each year.

Going Beyond: Our Case for support

Philanthropy allows Aiglon to do more, fast –which is why so many of our community choose to give so generously.

Our rich past has been marked by the philanthropic support of individuals and groups, which has improved our alpine campus and widened access to an Aiglon education for those without the means. Our 2028 Vision is a roadmap for future transformation and now is a critical time to help us get there faster. Will you help us realise Aiglon’s vision – and go beyond for our worldwide community?

Going Beyond: Our Initiatives


With your help, we will expand the diversity of young people in our community by continuing to grow the number of Aiglonian’s benefitting from life-changing scholarships.


You can guide young Aiglonians to find their passion by helping us ‘go beyond’ in three programme areas across Mind, Body and Spirit: an innovation lab, an entrepreneurship hub, year-round ski training facilities, and the Steinway Project.

Exgterior Image of Le Cerf


You can inspire our young people to realise a greener future by helping transform our Campus Masterplan into a sustainable vision for Aiglon, a step closer to our ambition of a near-zero footprint campus, including supporting the Moghadam Campus Hub

The Aiglon Impact

Every Aiglonian has a story of how Aiglon helped carve their path in the world. 

Most importantly, we are part of a community that continues to spread Aiglon’s values and practices beyond Villars to the world. 

All Giving Opportunities

Read in more detail about all of the available initiatives and funds that you can support through one-time gifts, regular giving or legacy giving. We look forward to hearing from you:


How to Give

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