2020 - 2021 Annual Giving

As a not-for-profit school, we place students at the core of every decision. Aiglon has always stood out as a distinctive and unique school. We are committed to maintaining and strengthening that excellence and the living legacy that it provides to our students and alumni.

We directly reinvest our precious resources in running dynamic programmes, attracting and retaining top teaching staff, and maintaining our facilities. We have ambitions to increase scholarship support and ensure our alpine campus home meets the needs of today and tomorrow.

The Annual Giving campaign allows us to provide unique opportunities and accelerate our progress as a leading global school.

Every gift counts!

There are many ways to support Aiglon. We value all gifts, whether it is your time volunteering for our community, your expertise in mentoring, or your financial support. Our community and your spirit of giving keep Aiglon strong.

We Value Your Support

We Value Your Support

Through the button below you will find information on making gifts online by credit card, bank transfer or check, either directly to the School or by utilising US or UK tax efficient giving options. Donors will be recognised on this page unless anonymity is requested.

Initiatives & Areas of Need


Aiglon Scholarship Fund

The Aiglon Scholarship Fund is the School's flagship fund that supports Aiglon’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and talented student body. We recognise that there are students for whom access to a school like Aiglon is impossible. It is our ambition to widen the access to students from across the globe in the hope that in the future they become agents for positive change and enhance the reputation of the school. This is a current-use fund, which may be spent in part or in full at any time by the School. Awards are set against tuition and residential costs and may include reasonable additional expenses incurred while a student attends Aiglon.

Summer School Scholarship for Alumni Children Fund

The Summer School Scholarship Fund for Alumni Children was created as a means-tested award to facilitate sending alumni children and grandchildren to the Aiglon Summer School for up to two weeks. The School is committed to providing opportunities for students to benefit from an Aiglon education regardless of capacity to meet the cost of tuition.

SEBA CZ Scholarship Fund

The Seba CZ Scholarship was set up in memory of Sebastiano Calleri-Zavanelli (Belvedere, 1992), who lost his life on Mount Kenya.

Seba loved Aiglon, and one expedition in particular made a lasting impact. In December 1990, Seba visited the remarkable Starehe Boys Centre in Nairobi, Kenya - a school that had just become the first member of Round Square on the African continent. Seba was very impressed by his experience there. Messages such as 'Aim High' (Natulenge Juu, the school's motto) and 'From those to whom much has been given much will be required' left a deep mark on him.

A little over a decade later, just weeks before his fateful trip to climb the treacherous Mount Kenya, he spoke to his mother about how he had recognised that his Aiglon experience had shaped him, and how he wanted to see others less fortunate than himself able to access an education of quality, regardless of their means. It had become a matter of importance to him.

Seba did not return from his last adventure, but his mother did not forget his words. Together with Seba's employer and team of equity investors in London, she set about raising money to establish an enduring scholarship fund in Seba's name. In 2011 the first Seba CZ Scholar, David Kimondiu (Belvedere, 2013), joined Aiglon from Starehe Boys Centre. After graduating from Aiglon, David completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford. His life has been transformed by the opportunities made possible by Seba’s vision and the by the generosity of his friends, colleagues and family.

Campus Development

Campus Development Fund

As a dynamic and future-focused School, Aiglon does not aspire to keep up, but to keep ahead. The School has crafted an ambitious long-term Campus Master Plan that identifies the need for major investment in new, purpose-built, and upgraded facilities. This plan regularly re-evaluates the School's facilities to ensure that Aiglon offers the best means of unlocking students' full potential. Revenue from tuition fees, however, cannot alone fund transformational projects for major new facilities. The Campus Development Fund supports Aiglon's vision for its campus home of the future.

The Assembly Building

This new building is the next phase in our Campus Master Plan. Its construction is key to the school's future development and educational mission. The sense of community at Aiglon is a defining feature of our education with students, teachers, alumni, parents and friends regularly gathering in meditation, celebration and performance. Our new building will comprise space as beautiful and inspirational as our unique alpine exterior. At Aiglon, we recognise the importance of a gathering space, where the entire community can come together in the education of young people. These sorts of open, welcoming spaces both build and balance the skill set necessary for academic and personal success. As such, our new building will provide bold new facilities for our music and arts programmes.

Our school campus is spread over the mountain, more resembling an alpine village than a conventional school campus. For this reason, we must phase our campus improvements carefully. Our uniquely designed Assembly Building will be a keystone structure that unlocks further campus improvements. Its construction will free up additional space, allowing us to refurbish and repurpose other buildings with minimal disruption to school life. As a result, this building will help us to create a new, exceptional learning experience for the leaders of tomorrow.

View the Assembly Building Project Proposal with preliminary architectural plans.

Plan of Activity

Construction of the Assembly Building will begin once 80% of the project cost is secured through external philanthropic funds. The cost estimate for the building is based upon initial estimates from quantity surveyors. A breakdown of anticipated construction costs and the design brief are available upon request.


  • Secure funding
  • Planning (80% of Funding Secured)
  • Approval of final design and permissions (2 years)
  • Construction (18 months)

William Cargill Endowment Fund

The William Cargill Endowment Fund was created in memory of the late William Cargill (Belvedere, 1974), a former student and governor of Aiglon. William recognised the importance of establishing alternative sources of funding for Aiglon and advocated the building of a significant School endowment.

Initially established with donations from William’s friends, family and colleagues, the fund welcomes donations from Aiglon alumni and friends. In keeping with William’s ideas and principles, the Fund is intended to grow until it is capable of providing, through earnings, a significant contribution to Aiglon’s annual income.

In its initial stage, therefore, earnings will only be expended in times of exceptional need, and will normally be reinvested to grow the Fund. In the long term it is the intention that the returns on the endowment will become a regular part of Aiglon’s annual income.

John Corlette Endowed Scholarship Fund

Named in honour of Aiglon’s founder and first headmaster, the John Corlette Endowed Scholarship Fund supports Aiglon’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and talented student body. This Fund is intended to grow until it is capable of providing, through earnings, student financial awards set against tuition and residential costs and may include reasonable additional expenses incurred while a student attends Aiglon College. To that end, the principal funds shall not normally be spent.

2020 - 2021 Donors:

Robert Liu
Alpina, 1968

Ala Loika
Alumni Parent

Jan Hammer
Alpina, 1995

Richard McDonald
Executive Director

John Blake
Alpina, 1975

Louis Snyder
Delaware, 1969

Reid Alan Ching
Director of Development

Conrad von Peterffy
Belvedere, 1993

Eric Gibson
Alpina, 1972

Robin Bayford
Alpina, 1967

Elisabeth van de Grampel
Clairmont, 1980

Daniel Lewis
Alpina, 1974

Jean-Marc & Lynn Viret
Current Parents

Tony Jashanmal
Alpina, 1965

Karen Sandri
Senior Alumni Relations Officer

Olivier Demey
Delaware, 1993

Raffi & Lucie Baroutjian
Current Parents

Lloyd Gordon
Alpina, 1982

Barbara Pudel
Friend of the SEBA CZ Scholarship Fund

John Garcia
Friend of the SEBA CZ Scholarship Fund

Aura Reinhardt
Clairmont, 1972

Brian Martineau
Assistant Head (Student Life)

Esmond Tweedie
Assistant Head (Senior Tutor)

Bao-Khang Luu
Friend of Aiglon

Egon Vorfeld
Delaware, 1985

Monique Sprüngli
Deputy Bursar (Finance)

Aurelie Schmid
Finance Assistant

Annemarie Grüter

Estelle Koszali
PA to Exec Director & Head of School

Anja Grcar

Patience Fanella-Koch
Director of College & Career Counselling

Marc Borgognon
Maiday Sport Drinks

Sandro Corsini
Delaware, 1975

Patricia Bremner Gadotti

Sebastiano Arlotta
Belvedere, 2007

Leelila Strogov
Clairmont, 1987

Caroline Rhyner
Geography Teacher

Sarah Luke
Clairmont, 1975

Anna Kolber
Exeter, 1999

Andrejka Bernatova
Clairmont, 2001

Christopher Bluett
Clairmont, Alpina, 1964

Kate Knight
Belvedere Houseparent

Valerie Scullion
Director of Admissions & Marketing

Lara Kellett-Smith
Geography Teacher, English Teacher

Roger Scupham
German Teacher, SSST Teacher

Nick Rumbold
Assistant Houseparent Alpina

Carol & George Logie
College & Careers Asst, Maths Teacher

Sylvia Ang
Le Cerf, 2020

Kazuomi & Eri Kaneto
Current Parents

Karin & Jan Sarfelt
Current Parents

Valeria Nikolaeva & Mikhail Loktionov
Current Parents

Vikas Gautam & Swati Agrawal
Current Parents

Matthias & Barbara Melcher
Current Parents

Higini Cierco Noguer & Carmen Martinez Grima
Current Parents

Soontaree & Thanin Leegomonchai
Current Parents

Jose Erivaldo Arraes
Current Parent

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