Fund-a-Room Campaign

You may think that only major donors get to see their names commemorated on donor plaques, but this year we are offering a chance for our annual donors to be recognised.

In honour of Aiglon's 70th anniversary we have launched a community fundraising project. All those who choose to donate to this initiative will be recognised on our website and on a plaque to be displayed on the attributed room(s).

Together we can fund a room!

Make it yours by making a donation today! A number of rooms remain available for naming opportunities. The room(s) named by this community initiative will depend on the amount raised by 31 August 2019. By January 25th we had raised enought to collectively name the Drama Classroom, we will now contiue to raise money for a second room, a music practice studio at CHF 50,000 with the opportunity to move to larger rooms as the amount donated increases:

  • Music practice room | CHF 50,000
  • Guitar room | CHF 75,000
  • Drum room | CHF 85,000
  • Drama classroom | CHF 100,000 (reached January 25th 2019)
  • Digital music suite | CHF 250,000
  • Underground garage | CHF 500,000
  • Main foyer | CHF 1,000,000

The Assembly & Arts Building

We are more than a school. We are a community of teachers, students, alumni, friends and professionals. As a community, we have always come together in meditation, performance and celebration. Over the years we have outgrown our whole-school spaces. To address the needs of our music and drama programmes, and as part of a larger master plan, we are building a new Assembly and Arts Building in the heart of our campus, providing:

  • A state-of-the-art performance and assembly hall
  • Music practice and recording facilities
  • Practice spaces for our drama programme
  • Reception space
  • Exhibition Space

Fund-a-Room Donors:

Louis Snyder
(Belvedere, Clairmont, Delaware, 1969, P’00, ACA Vice Chair)

Aura Reinhardt
(Clairmont & Exeter, 1972, ACA Nomination Committee)

Michaela Seeger
(Clairmont, 1980)

Elisabeth van de Grampel
(Clairmont, 1980, ACSSA Director, Parent)

Egon Vorfeld
(Delaware, 1985, ACA Member, P '18)

Mark Elliott
(ACA Member, P '88 & '90)

Jonathan Fackelmayer
(Belvedere, 1995, President FOAC UK)

Alessandro Corsini
(Delaware, 1975, ACSSA Director, ACAEA President, P’13)

Ted Pearce
(Alpina, 1968)

Natalia Voinovich

Atsushi Kimbara

Steven & Elizabeth Sandler

Estelle Koszali & Family
(Staff 1998 - present)

Tony Jashanmal
(Alpina, 1965, P’97, ACA Director, ACSSA Chair, ACA Nomination Committee)

Richard McDonald
(Head Master)

Robert Liu
(Alpina, 1968)

Sue Stevenson
(P’08, P’13)

Jacques Luisier
(ACA Member)

Douglas von Erb
(Alpina, 1974)


Barbara & Matthias Melcher

Peter Rae
(Delaware, 1972)

Pietro Dova
(Belvedere, 1980)

Nina Ritter
(Clairmont, 1978)

Morgan M. Ritter-Armour
(Le Cerf, 2008)

Hatsue & Nobuchika Urakabe

Simon Kidston
(Alpina, 1985)

Anthony Whittaker
(Belvedere, 1987)

Vatsala and Tejinder Virdee
(ACSSA Director, P‘04 & 05)

Mei Zheng

Zecheng Qi
(Delaware, Year 9)

Sidney Holmes
(Clairmont, 1958)

Karen Sandri
(Staff 2012 - present)

Marco Zeng
(La Baita, Year 7)

Fiona Tseng
(Exeter, Year 9)

Nataly & Ernst Langner

Viscont Terence Devonport
(Class of 1962, ACA Member)

Laura Harring
(Exeter, 1982)

Betty Bonnier Erhag & Family
(Exeter, 1980, Parent)

Bob and Danica Posey
(Former Trustee)

Shogo Kawada

Yi Kang Li
(La Baita, Year 8)

Mrs Jeong

Vera Chedraui
(Exeter, Year 9)

YanRan Jiang
(Delaware, Year 11)

Samira Jain
(Clairmont, Year 10)

Ioana Vasilescu
(Clairmont, Year 12)

Sophie Ang
(Year 8, La Casa)

Sylvia Ang
(Year 12, Le Cerf)

Kristina Mangelsdorf
(Clairmont, 1987)

Frederic Auerbach
(Alpina, 2012)

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