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Aiglon focuses on education, not profit. Philanthropy plays a major role in advancing our campus development and scholarship programmes.

When Aiglon's founder, John Corlette, retired, he was committed to his purpose, namely that this mountain school should continue to deliver an education devoted to the balanced development of mind, body, and spirit. To that end, he transferred his ownership of the school to a not-for-profit association. Those principles - and that association - have endured ever since. And today, Aiglon's not-for-profit purpose ensures that all income is spent with a focus on enhancing the student experience.

Aiglon's fundraising priorities

Campus Development Fund

Campus Development Fund

Our Campus Master Plan

Our campus master plan provides a road map for a campus that is inspiring and aligned with our values and priorities while allowing us to take account of strict environmental norms to reduce negative environmental impact, and this will remain a core priority in future planning.

Aiglon's careful stewardship of its resources has permitted major investment in upgrading the campus and developing new boarding facilities in recent years. But revenue from tuition fees cannot alone fund transformational projects for major new buildings. Please consider partnering with us and continue to make our projects a reality.

Aiglon Scholarship Fund

Aiglon Scholarship Fund

Help us offer a life-changing experience

The compounding effect of scholarship goes far beyond Aiglon, impacting scholarship recipients and their families, their classmates, and the wider community into which they enter after graduation. The reality is that our scholarship programme is about both investment and innovation. Scholars raise the bar for all students, in the classroom and in their eagerness to make the most of their Aiglon experience. They nourish Aiglon's identity as a school where students remain well-grounded and values-focused. They bring to our community diverse perspectives that enrich us all.

Make a gift

Make a gift

Please consider supporting Aiglon

Aiglon is a community of students, families, staff and over 5,600 alumni from around the world who have attended the school since our beginning in 1949. The school has grown upon a foundation of individual and collective generosity which has allowed us to take our place as one of the most distinctive boarding schools in the world. Aiglon's first permanent home was purchased in 1955 with gifts made by parents and friends of founder John Corlette. Since then, a series of key facilities have been realised through philanthropic donations, and our scholarship programme has flourished due to community generosity.

All fundraising initiatives


Aiglon Scholarship Fund

The Aiglon Scholarship Fund is the school's flagship fund that supports Aiglon’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and talented student body. We recognise that there are talented students for whom access to a school like Aiglon is impossible due to financial resources. It is our ambition to widen the access to students from across the globe in the hope that in the future they become agents for positive change and enhance the reputation of the school. This is a current-use fund, which may be spent in part or in full at any time by the school. Awards are set against tuition and residential costs and may include reasonable additional expenses incurred while a student attends Aiglon.

SEBA CZ Scholarship Fund

The Seba CZ Scholarship was set up in memory of Sebastiano Calleri-Zavanelli (Belvedere, 1992), who lost his life on Mount Kenya.

Seba loved Aiglon, and one expedition in particular made a lasting impact. In December 1990, Seba visited the remarkable Starehe Boys Centre in Nairobi, Kenya - a school that had just become the first member of Round Square on the African continent. Seba was very impressed by his experience there. Messages such as 'Aim High' (Natulenge Juu, the school's motto) and 'From those to whom much has been given much will be required' left a deep mark on him. A little over a decade later, just weeks before his fateful trip to climb the treacherous Mount Kenya, he spoke to his mother about how he had recognised that his Aiglon experience had shaped him, and how he wanted to see others less fortunate than himself able to access an education of quality, regardless of their means. It had become a matter of importance to him. Seba did not return from his last adventure, but his mother did not forget his words. Together with Seba's employer and team of equity investors in London, she set about raising money to establish an enduring scholarship fund in Seba's name. In 2011 the first Seba CZ Scholar, David Kimondiu (Belvedere, 2013), joined Aiglon from Starehe Boys Centre. After graduating from Aiglon, David completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford. His life has been transformed by the opportunities made possible by Seba’s vision and the by the generosity of his friends, colleagues and family.

The Alumni Eagle Scholarship Award

We are delighted to announce the launch of the Alumni Eagle Scholarship Award, a new scholarship opportunity that will support one scholar’s Aiglon journey. Funded by donations from Aiglon graduates and their families, this scholarship will be awarded to one student to support their Aiglon education. The first grant will be given to a new student joining Aiglon in Year 10 (previously 4th Form) for the 2022 - 2023 academic year. We are asking all members of the alumni and alumni parent community to consider making a gift. Gifts of all sizes will add up to make a big impact. This full scholarship award is reserved for a student whose family cannot afford any costs associated with an Aiglon education. It will be a means-assessed, merit-based award that will be given to a student who has a proven track record of high academic achievement, involvement in a range of extracurricular activities and a commitment to self-improvement. Candidates will need to demonstrate high aptitude through Aiglon's admissions process, testing arrangements and interview.

Summer School Scholarship for Alumni Children Fund

The Summer School Scholarship Fund for Alumni Children was created as a means-tested award to facilitate sending alumni children and grandchildren to the Aiglon Summer School for up to two weeks. The school is committed to providing opportunities for students to benefit from an Aiglon education regardless of capacity to meet the cost of tuition.

Campus Development

Campus Development Fund

The tradition of philanthropy has underpinned the development of Aiglon’s campus throughout our history. From the first permanent home bought for the School in 1955, Clairmont, to the John Corlette Building in 1996, to the Tony Jashanmal Sports Centre built in 2012, the generosity of Aiglon families has supported, enhanced, and sped up the process of our campus development.

Our campus master plan provides a roadmap for projects big and small. Over the past five years, we have delivered a new girls boarding house, completed major refurbishments to the Parsons Building, Le Cerf, and Clairmont. We have acquired new roadside buildings to further secure our campus and completed many smaller enhancements that directly impact the student experience.

What does the future hold? The master plan’s most important focus is the creation of improved boarding facilities for boys. Besides a multi-year renovation of Alpina, a new Belvedere boarding house will be built on a site at the top of campus, behind Alpina. The existing Belvedere building will be redeveloped as a classroom and learning complex that connects with the Parsons Building. We will be breaking ground on the new boarding house in the spring.

Additionally, we continue to refine the concept for a new assembly building at the heart of our campus, incorporating dining facilities, addressing two core areas of collective residential school life.

These are ambitious projects, but they align with Aiglon’s commitment to reinforcing its position as one of the world’s leading international boarding schools. We are forever grateful to Aiglonians who choose to partner with us and support us in bringing these projects to life.


William Cargill Endowment Fund

The William Cargill Endowment Fund was created in memory of the late William Cargill (Belvedere, 1974), a former student and governor of Aiglon. William recognised the importance of establishing alternative sources of funding for Aiglon and advocated the building of a significant School endowment.

Initially established with donations from William’s friends, family and colleagues, the fund welcomes donations from Aiglon alumni and friends. In keeping with William’s ideas and principles, the Fund is intended to grow until it is capable of providing, through earnings, a significant contribution to Aiglon’s annual income.

In its initial stage, therefore, earnings will only be expended in times of exceptional need, and will normally be reinvested to grow the Fund. In the long term it is the intention that the returns on the endowment will become a regular part of Aiglon’s annual income.

John Corlette Endowed Scholarship Fund

Named in honour of Aiglon’s founder and first headmaster, the John Corlette Endowed Scholarship Fund supports Aiglon’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and talented student body. This Fund is intended to grow until it is capable of providing, through earnings, student financial awards set against tuition and residential costs and may include reasonable additional expenses incurred while a student attends Aiglon College. To that end, the principal funds shall not normally be spent.

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We are delighted that you are considering Aiglon College. We are always pleased to introduce prospective students and their families to life at the school, and we welcome all enquiries.

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