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Aiglon is proud to be a non-profit organisation, ensuring that our energies and resources are fully committed to sustaining our remarkable school.

We want to ensure Aiglon’s vision and values are carried forward into the future. Work is under way to create a cohesive campus that will blend seamlessly into our Alpine setting, to provide scholarships for highly deserving students, and to continue to attract the best teaching staff.

The John Corlette Scholarship Fund

The John Corlette Scholarship fund is an endowed fund that supports Aiglon’s commitment to maintaining a diverse and talented student body. We recognise that there are students for whom access to a school like Aiglon is impossible. It is our ambition to widen the access to students from across the globe in the hope that in the future they become agents for positive change and enhance the reputation of the school.

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Developing our campus - the strategic campus masterplan

The school has crafted an ambitious and long-range campus masterplan that identifies the needs for new and upgraded facilities, situates these on the campus and provides a sequence for the execution of planned developments. At the same time we are committed to regular re-evaluation of the School's technological capabilities to ensure that Aiglon remains capable of delivering an ICT platform of the highest standard to the community. We are constantly seeking to identify strategically important opportunities to acquire real estate that will allow us to make the most of our integrated 'village' campus and where possible further extend the existing facilities.

Key challenges of the strategic campus masterplan ▾

  • To develop a masterplan vision that meets the real needs of the school
  • To develop a vision that preserves the unique Alpine character of the landscape and architecture
  • To develop a masterplan that is viable within the rules of the local planning authorities
  • To develop a phasing strategy for the masterplan to ensure that the school can be functional at all times during the delivery
  • To develop a series of projects that are financially sustainable.

Key goals of the strategic campus masterplan ▾

  • To provide excellent teaching accommodations, well positioned within the campus and grouped by academic area
  • to provide an excellent Junior School connected to the wider campus
  • To welcome visitors to the heart of the school, providing excellent arrival spaces and administrative facilities
  • To provide a clear circulation spine through the school to link all the key facilities and defined service/delivery areas
  • To provide excellent dedicated boarding accommodation (new girls' boarding house construction commenced March 2015)
  • To provide high-quality facilities for whole-school activities, specifically for:

The campus strategic masterplan has highlighted the necessity for a number of new buildings at Aiglon College. The next phase of the plan calls for the construction of an important Assembly and Arts building. The building will be a landmark structure and a transformational element unlocking further development of the campus.

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The William Cargill Endowment Fund

The William Cargill Fund was created in the memory of the late William Cargill (Belvedere, 1974) who loved Aiglon College and what it stood for.

William believed that establishing alternative sources of funding were essential to secure Aiglon’s future. To this end he advocated the building of a significant College endowment, and the Fund set up in his name is intended to do just this.

Initially established with donations from William’s friends, family and colleagues, the fund welcomes donations from Aiglon alumni and supporters. In keeping with William’s ideas and principles, it is intended to grow the Fund until it is capable of providing, through earnings, a significant contribution to Aiglon’s annual income.

In its initial stage therefore earnings will only be expended in times of exceptional need, and will normally be reinvested to grow the Fund. In the long term it is the intention that the returns on the endowment will become a regular part of Aiglon’s annual income.

If you would like to support the William Cargill Endowment Fund you can make a credit card gift online. You may also make a pledge to support the school through a gift at a later date, or in a series of instalments.

The SEBA CZ Scholarship Fund

The Seba CZ Scholarship was set up in memory of Seba Calleri-Zavanelli (Belvedere, 1992), who lost his life on Mount Kenya.

Seba loved Aiglon, and one expedition in particular made a lasting impact. In December 1990, Seba visited the remarkable Starehe Boys Centre in Nairobi, Kenya - a school that had just become the first member of Round Square on the African continent. Seba was very impressed by his experience there. Messages such as 'Aim High' (Natulenge Juu, the school's motto) and 'From those to whom much has been given much will be required' left a deep mark on him.

A little over a decade later, just weeks before his fateful trip to climb the treacherous Mount Kenya, he spoke to his mother about how he had recognised that his Aiglon experience had shaped him, and how he wanted to see others less fortunate than himself able to access an education of quality, regardless of their means. It had become a matter of importance to him. 

Seba did not return from his last adventure, but his mother did not forget his words. Together with Seba's employer and team of equity investors in London, she set about raising money to establish an enduring scholarship fund in Seba's name. In 2011 the first Seba CZ Scholar, David Kimondiu (Belvedere, 2013), joined Aiglon from Starehe Boys Centre. After graduating from Aiglon, David completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford, his life has been transformed by the opportunities made possible by Seba’s vision and the by the generosity of his friends, colleagues and family.

If you would like to support The Seba CZ Scholarship Fund you can make a credit card gift online. You may also make a pledge to support the school through a gift at a later date, or in a series of instalments.

US and UK taxpayers

If you are a US taxpayer and would like to make a tax deductible donation you may make a gift to the Friends of Aiglon College US (FOAC US). The FOAC US is a US non-profit organization, tax exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the US Internal Revenue Code and is governed by an independent board of directors.

If you are a UK tax payer you may make a tax efficient donation through the Friends of Aiglon college UK.

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