Imagine Aiglon - Campus Masterplan

We are constantly seeking to improve Aiglon College while maintaining the distinctive education ethos of the school.

The Assembly and Arts Building

This new building will be key to the school's future campus development and educational mission. The sense of community at Aiglon College is a defining feature of education here. We hope to build an internal community space as beautiful and inspirational as our unique alpine exterior. We also recognise the importance of the creative and performing arts in the education of young people. These creative outlets both build and balance the skill set necessary for academic and personal success. To study art and drama is to begin to understand what it is to be human; the arts are an essential element of school life.

Our school campus is spread over the mountain, more resembling an alpine village than a conventional school campus. For this reason, we need to phase the construction of our campus carefully. This uniquely designed space will be a keystone building unlocking further development of the campus. Its construction will give the school additional space allowing us to refurbish and empty other buildings with minimal disruption to school life. It will be built in a fashion that blends harmoniously into our pristine alpine 'village' environment.

Plan of Activity

The campus masterplan is complete and we now seek funding for the next phase of campus development. We will begin construction of the Assembly and Arts building when we have acquired 80% of projected cost through external philanthropic funds.

The cost estimate for the building is based upon initial estimates from quantity surveyors. A breakdown of anticipated construction costs and the design brief will be make available on request.


  • Secure funding
  • Planning (80% of Funding Secured)
  • Design and permissions (2 years)
  • Construction (18 months)

As a not-for-profit school, we are fortunate to partner with individuals and organisations who share our commitment to educational excellence. With this support we can design the spaces we inhibit and shape our student body to create an exceptional learning experience for the next generation of global citizens responsible for the future.

You can help transform the campus of Aiglon College

Aiglon College is a not-for-profit school. As such we rely on the Aiglon community of parents, alumni and friends to continually improve and enhance the unique Aiglon education experience. Just as the Tony Jashanmal Sports Centre, completed in 2012, was made possible through the generosity of the Aiglon family, we will not begin building the Assembly and Arts building until we have acquired 80% of the projected cost through philanthropic funds.

We invite you to help us transform this dream to reality.

If you would like to support the Assembly and Arts Building project, you can make a credit card gift online. You may also make a pledge to support the school through a gift at a later date, or in a series of instalments. For any questions about ways to support Aiglon please contact [email protected]

US and UK taxpayers

If you are a US taxpayer and would like to make a tax deductible donation you may make a gift to the Friends of Aiglon College US (FOAC US). The FOAC US is a US non-profit organization, tax exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the US Internal Revenue Code and is governed by an independent board of directors.

If you are a UK tax payer you may make a tax efficient donation through the Friends of Aiglon college UK.

For any questions about ways to support Aiglon please contact [email protected]