Life on the mountain

On any visit to campus, you’ll soon see how the mountain colours every aspect of life at Aiglon, providing a setting for sporting endeavours, fun and relaxation, cultural events, and unforgettable, character-building expeditions beneath the stars. It is where the three strands of Aiglon’s educational philosophy – mind, body and spirit – are woven together in a schooling like no other.

Life-changing learning takes place both in and out of the classroom. We make the most of our incredible location.

Mr Chris Chalcraft,

Deputy Head (Student Life)

Sport on the Mountain

Aiglon’s wide range of winter sporting activities are detailed elsewhere, but a particular benefit of our location is the fact that most take place right on the school’s doorstep. From campus, you can walk to the télécabine in 5 minutes, and be skiing in 10. This ease of access ensures that even those with little prior exposure to skiing, ski-touring, snowboarding and ice-climbing rapidly feel that these demanding sports are to be embraced like any other.

In summer, the mountains continue to play a significant role in our sports programme. Students take part in activities such as mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, horse riding, and trail running.

Students are blown away by the Observatory. It brings the night sky and space science to life.

Mr John Turner,

Head of Physics

Learning on the Mountain

Up in the clear mountain air, you don’t just breathe more deeply – you see further. The school is the proud possessor of a research-grade telescope, housed in the Kalouti Observatory, which provides a boost to Aiglon’s science studies across a wide range of subjects from Astronomy (offered at Aiglon to GCSE level) to Computing, as students work on sharing their data with their counterparts around the world.

Several times a year the Observatory hosts "starbecues", always popular with students, when they can enjoy a hot dog or burger while stargazing.

As you might expect, Geography lessons are frequently conducted outside. Students will survey lichens in the village and surrounding areas; they test water purity in a nearby mountain stream and look for larvae; and they visit the local sewage and water-treatment works. And many more subjects use the mountain as an additional classroom, grounding textbook learning in hands-on experience – something that inspires students of all aptitudes and abilities.

Culture on the Mountain

The arts are a vital part of Aiglon’s curriculum, and the mountains provide both an inspiration and an unrivalled performance setting. Outdoor art classes include everything from photography to land art, while in recent years "Shakespeare in the Snow" performances have pushed boundaries for both audiences and performers.

Relaxation on the Mountain

It’s not all strenuous hikes or challenging expeditions. The paths and trails around Aiglon are a source of respite and relaxation for all members of our community. The school’s yoga teacher often draws on the details of mountain life – the birds, flowers, and curious chamois and bouquetins – to inspire the sessions of deep relaxation that conclude the yoga class.

During summer months, the campus grounds are used for social events of every kind. The Junior School has an ambitious Summer Decathlon that uses the whole campus, and concludes with a well-deserved barbecue.